Diploma project

The Illusion of Belonging is an installation, a series of blacklit graphiics. In this project, I study the dependencies between light and shadow, materiality and elusiveness, heaviness and lightness. I create graphics that go beyond the limits of being an object and become an experience, a fleeting impression.

I combine giving immediate results photography with time-consuming embroidery. In this way, I try to stop time and capture the moment of change, the transition from shadow to light. Spaciousness leads to the appearance of a shadow that reflects the form. Shadow is here a continuation of the form, but also a non-permanent, fleeting element. It introduces a certain non-obviousness and shifts the attention from the objects to the space between them. The photography of the shadow turns it into a permanent element, which is a kind of fraud. The fleeting element is transformed into another layer of materiality. Introducing a shadow element that does not follow any form included in the composition is another form of illusion. It is a foreign element, however, very well masking its lack of belonging, inexplicable, but strangely fitting. It’s removal may paradoxically be the cause of the emptiness. By manipulating the shadow as an independent element, I treat it like a living organism which, in a world with blurred boundaries of reality, is constantly looking for its own place.