diploma project

The matter is very important in my works. It allows a dead object to be turned into a living, sensual experience. My creative process begins with finding the building structure for a painting and its tissues, from which form will emerge as time progresses. The building structure in Organika is a long, thin, thread-like line. On its own, it is small, inconspicuous and fragile, but many accumulated lines can construct a solid skeleton-like frame for the subtle, pulsating with life, trapped in its dead shell delicate organism.

The fragile net of lines seems to be protecting the access to its interior, preventing the recipient from seeing what is hidden underneath. Is it material? Or is there nothing there? Imagine You could immerse Your hands in the painting. What would You find? And how will the net itself feel?
It is also possible that the net of lines does not protect its own interior, but the recipient, that the seemingly decorative tissue is hiding something we shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to see.