unfinished scenes vol. 3

Unfinished Scenes vol. 3 is a video series visualizing the music of Przemysław Kupidura. In these videos I’m continuing and developing my graphic project The illusion of belonging, where I study the dependencies between the light and shadow, materiality and elusiveness, heaviness and lightness and create graphics that go beyond the limits of being an object and become an experience. In Unfinished Scenes I was able to enhance that impression by adding the movement. Static object seems to be dancing while the lighting is changing. This abstract, theatrical scene invites us to join the show and to discover the infinite space, where the worlds of the makro and the mikro are intertwined with each other and the boundaries between reality and illusion are blurred.

Art director, artworks and visual concept author – Róża Bartnicka

Music and interpretation – Przemysław Kupidura 

Director of photography, Graffer, Digital imaging technician – Ksawery Kowalski 

Film editor, colorist – Maria Burakowska

Audio recording and mix – Dariusz Leonowicz